General Knowledge for NPSC preliminary exam|world history|Indian history

 General Knowledge for NPSC preliminary exam|world history|Indian history

General knowledge, MCQ, solved question and answer for any competitive exam, NPSC, UPSC

World History

1.which were the two countries that fought in the Opium war? 

- Anglo-Chinese 

2.In which year did the France revolution take place? 


3. Who was the king of England before Elizabeth II? 

-George VI

4.what is the other name of Magna Karta? 

-The Bible of England Constitution

5.what was the name of the year 1848 in European History? 

- The spring of Nations. 

6.who was the Emperor of Germany who dismissed his chancellor, Bismarck, in 1980? 

-William II. 

7.In which year the Battle of Britain was fought? 


8.who was the British commander who surrendered before the American and the French at York Town in 1781? 

-Lord Cornwallis. 

9.when was the First Communist Manifesto issued? 


10.what was the name of the US President who was forced to resign due to the Watergate scandal? 

-Richard Nixon. 

11.The statue of Liberty of New York was gifted by which country? 


12.Between which two countries the American war of Independence was fought? 

-America-Britain. 1806, by whom the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved? 


14.Who was the first president of USA? 

-George Washington. 

15.In which year the UNO come into existence? 


16.What was the name of Hitler's secret Service Gestapo? 


17.The year 1917 is related to which Revolution? 

-Russian Revolution. 

18.what is the name of the oldest civilization of the world? 

-Mesopotamian Civilization. 

19.Between which two countries, the Hundred years war was fought? 


20.Adolf Hitler was born in which country? 


21.who is known as the Man of Blood and Iron? 


22.Who is called the Napoleon of Iran? 

-Nader shah. 

23.In which year "Boston Tea Party" Incident happened? 


24.who was the author of the "American Declaration of independence? 

-Thomas Jefferson. 

25.who said that " Man is a political animal"? 

- Aristotle. 

26.Who is known as the "Father of History"? 


27.Where was the first summit conference of Non-Aligned Nations held? 


28.Renaissance started first in which country? 


29.what was the name of the atom bomb dropped by USA on Hiroshima in Japan during the second World War? 

-Little Boy. 

30.Who discovered cape of Good hope in 1488? 

-Bartholomew Dias. 

31.The "Last supper" a famous Renaissance painting was a masterpiece of which painter? 

-Leonardo da Vinci. 

32.The Declaration of the Rights of Man is related to which country? 


33.who was popularly known as Africa's Gandhi? 

-Nelson Mandela. 

34.Who among the following played a prominent role during the "Reign of Terror" In France? 

- Robespierre. 

35.Which of the following countries is regarded as the home of 'Fabian Socialism'? 


General Knowledge for NPSC preliminary exam|world history|Indian history

36.what is the Cold war? 

-The cold War is a state of conflict between USA and USSR. 

37.which country emerged as the biggest colonial power at the end of the nineteenth century? 


38. Who was the American leader who led a non-violent movement to obtain full civil rights for American Negroes? 

-Martin Luther King. 

39.The crimean war was fought between which countries? 

-Russia and France. 

40.The Chinese Nationalist party, Kuomintang, was founded by which person? 


41.who was the principal author of the United States Declaration of Independence? 

-Thomas Jefferson. 

42.who defined the "Long Nineteenth century"? 

-Eric Hobsbawm. 

43.Who was the president of the confederate state of America during the American Civil war? 

-Jefferson Davis. 

44.who declared that " Bolshevism must be strangled in its cradle? 

-Winston Churchill

45.who issued the Emancipation Proclamation? 

-Abraham Lincoln. 

46.who is also known as "the Scourge of God"? 

-Attila the Hun. 

47." All powers to the Soviets " Is the slogan given by whom? 

-Vladimir Lenin. 

48.The peloponnesian war was fought between which cities? 

- Sparta and Athens. 

Educational planning

Indian History

1. Who was the author of Historica? 
2.where is the Indus Civilization city, Lothal situated? 
3.what was the name of profounder of the Madhyamika philosophy? 
4.what is the name of the country in which world's first oil paintings have been found? 
5.What is the name of the state of India, in which first Paleolithic site was discovered? 
6.In which state the Gufkral Chalcolithic site is located? 
7.who build the Gommateshwara statue at shravanabelagola? 
8. Which Mudra is the gesture of Buddha as depicted in his first sermon? 
-Dharmachakra Mudra. 
9.which was the first book to deal with music? 
10.who was the founder of Ajivika sect? 
-Makkhli Gosala. 
11.what was the name of the author of Dashkumarcharitam and at whose court did he live? 
-Dandin. many pitakas are there in the Buddhist literature? 
13.In which century did Ashoka regin? 
-Third century B.C
14.By whom were the Ashokan inscription deciphered for the first time? 
-James Prinsep
15.who build the famous kornak sun Temple? 
-Narahimhadeva I. 
16.where is kalibangan situated? 
17.Kautilya was the prime Minister of which Indian ruler? 
18.who was the founder of sunga dynasty? 
-Pushyamutra sunga. 
19.who was the author of Alihole inscription? 
- Ravikirti. 
20.who defeated Harshavardhana on the banks of the river Narmada in 630 A.D? 
-Pulakesin II. 
21.who wrote the famous book Gita Govinda? 
- Jayadeva. 
22.What is the ancient name of Assam? 
23.Who was the first king of Satvahanas? 
24.Who was the first ruler of Kushana dynasty to issue gold coins in India? 
-Vima kadphises
25.which king has compiled the famous literature sattasai? 
26. To which king does the lion capital at sarnath belong? 
27.Who was the founder of Gupta Dynasty? 
-Sri Gupta
28.which Gupta ruler had led a campaign to the South and was an expert 'veena' player? 
29.who invented zero in India? 
30.who was Alara kalama? 
-Teacher of Buddha. 
31.what was the name of the founder of Kushana Empire in India? 
-Kujula Kadphises
32.what was the name of the first saka king in India? 
33.which Greek ambassador set up a pillar in honour of Vishnu? 
34.what was the name of the mother of Gautamiputra satkarni? 
35.what was the name of the first ruler to issue pure Arabic coin in India? 
36.who was the author of prithviraj Raso? 
- Chand Bardai. 
37.which ruler of Delhi sultanate abolished the Iqtas? 
- Alauddin Khilji. 
38.who was the contemporary leader of Chengiz khan? 
- IItutmish. 
39.Mahmud Gawan was the prime minister of which kingdom? 
40.what was the capital of Kakatiya dynasty? 
41.who was the founder of Bahmani kingdom? 
-Allauddin Hasan Bahman shah. 
42.Who is said to have witnessed the reigns of eight Delhi Sultans? 
- Amir Khusrau. 
43.Who defeated Muhammad Ghori near mount Abu? 
-Bhimdev solanki II. 
44.who was the greatest Bhakti poet of Maharashtra? 
45.which sufi saints dargah is at Ajmer? 
- Moinuddin Chishti. 
46. Who wrote Tarikh-Al-Hind? 
47.A famous painter Ustad Mansur belongs to which reign? 
48. In which language Baburnama was written? 
- Chagatai Turkic. 
49.when did Akbar abolish the slavery and protected human rights? 
50.who introduced Mansabdari system in India? 
51.who was the founder of Bijapur state? 
-Yusuf Adil shah 
52.Tulsidas, the author of Ramcharitmanas, was a contemporary of which Mughal ruler? 
53.which Mughal emperor adopted the title of 'Alamgir'? 
54.who was the first Muslim president of Indian National congress? 
-Badruddin Taiyabji. 
55.when was the battle of Chillianwalla fought? 
56.In which year 'the Indian National Association' was formed? 
57.In which language the Ghadar journal was first published? 
58. Between whom the tready of Mangalore was signed? 
-The English East India Company and Tipu Sultan. 
59.when was the title of 'Viceroy' added to the office of the governor General of India for the first time? 
60.which title was given by the British Government to Mahatma Gandhi which he returned during the non-cooperation movement? 
61.what was the capital of the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh? 
62.Swaraj is my birthright "who said this"? 
-Bal Gangadhar Tilak. 
63.who was the author of Anandmath? 
-Bankim Chandra Chattooadhyaya. 
64.By which act, the rule of East India Company ended in India? 
65.who was the founder of Aligarh Movement? 
-Sir Syed Ahmed khan. 
66.who is known as the Father of modern India? 
-Raja Ram mohan Roy. 
67.who is the author of " Indian Musalmans"? 
-William Wilson Hunter. 
68.who was the leader of wahabi Movement? 
-Mir Nisar Ali. 
69.who was the author of "Indian Epigraohy"? 
-D.C Sircar. 
70.when was Rowlatt Act passed? 
71.who was involved in the Alipore Bomb case? 
-Jatindra Nath Das. 
72.who is known as the 'Heroine of 1942 Quit India Movement'? 
-Aruna Asaf Ali. 
73.who is known as the 'Grand old man of India'? 
-Dadabhai Naoroji. 
74.who founded Arya Samaj? 
-Swami Dayanand Saraswati. 
75.what was the name of the committee to enquire jallianwala Bagh Massacre? 
-Hunter committee. 
76.In which session, Congress demanded 'purna swaraaj'? 
77.who was the last Governor General and first viceroy of India? 
-Lord Canning
78.How many times was subhash Chandra Boss selected as the president of Indian National congress. 
79. Who set up the dual system of administration in bengal? 
-Lord Clive
80. Who made a remarkable contribution to the development of local government? 
-Lord Ripon. 
81.who convinced the British in 1829 to outlaw sati? 
-Raja Ram mohan Roy. 
82.who founded as mohammedan Anglo Oriental college (MAOC) at Aligarh in 1875? 
-Sir Syed Ahmed khan. 
83.who founded the Ramakrishna Mission? 
84.who founded the Central Hindu school and college in Benares? 
-Annie Besant. 
85.who started the young Men's Indian Association in 1914? 
-Annie Besant. 
86.The formation of the Indian National congress INC was in the year? 
- 1885.
87.who led the champaran satyagraha? 
-Mahatma Gandhi. 
88.who preached the idea of Home rule through his two newspaper- the Kesari and the Maratha? 
-Bal Gangadhar Tilak. 
89.who started the sharda sadan in Bombay? 
-Pandita Ramabai. 
90.Subsidiary Alliance was introduced by whom? 
-Lord Wellesley. 
91.In which year the Vernacular press Act was passed? 
92.who founded 'India House' in London and guided other revolutionaries? 
-Shyamji Krishna Verma. 
93.Who formed SNDP yogam? 
-Narayana Guru. 
94.The year of the foundation of the women's Indian Association (WIA) is? 
95.The bombay Association, the first political association in Bombay presidency, was founded in the year 1852 by? 
-Dadabhai Naoroji. 
96.The Morley-Minto Reform was in the year? 
97.The partition of Bangal was occurred in which year? 
98.who started the civil disobedience movement in India? 
-Mahatma Gandhi. 
99.who become the first woman president of Indian national congress in 1917? 
-Dr. Annie Besant. 
100.which freedom fighter is known as 'Deshbandhu'? 
-Chittaranjan Das. 

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