General knowledge for NPSC and others exam|world geography|Indian geography

General knowledge for NPSC and others exam|world geography|Indian geography
General knowledge, solved question and answer, MCQ for any competitive exams, NPSC, UPSC 

World Geography

1.who gave the theory of continental draft? 
-Alfred wegener
2.on which river Hoover Dam is built? 
-Colorado River
3.which is the busiest navigable river in the world? 
4.which African countries are not land locked? 
5.which is the largest city of Africa? 
-Lagos, Nigeria. 
6.which river carries maximum quantity of water into the sea? 
7.which is the biggest fresh water lake in the world? 
-Lake Superior. 
8.which winds are known as Anti-trade winds? 
9.when the wind is deflected due to the rotation of the earth, it is called as.. 
-Geostrohic wind. 
10.which planets has the largest number of satellites? 
11.Which is the most common variety of igneous rock? 
12.The largest number of lakes in the world is found in which region? 
13.In which desert the lowest rainfall in the world is recorded? 
- Atacama Desert. 
14.The widest continental shelf is found in which ocean? 
-Arctic Ocean. 
15.which sea has the highest salinity in the world? 
-Dead Sea. 
16.which country is famous for the production of nitrate? 
17.which line is the boundary between Germany and Poland? 
18.where is Duncan pass located? 
-South and little Andaman. 
19.which country is the leading producer of natural rubber? 
General knowledge for NPSC and others exam|world geography|Indian geography

20.which is the largest continent in the world? 
21.who was the first person to use the word 'geography'? 
22.which is the second largest continent in the world? 
23.which is the highest mountain in Africa? 
-Mount Kilimanjaro. 
24.which is the oldest state in Australia? 
-New South Wales. 
25.which planet is a dwarf planet? 
26.which is the longest continental mountain range in the world? 
- The Andes. 
27.which is the smallest country of the world? 
-Vatican City. 
28.which is the highest peak in the world? 
29.Mount Kilimanjaro lies in which continent? 
- Africa. 
30.The Island of st.Helena lies in which ocean? 
-Atlantic Ocean. 
31. Which continent has the largest number of countries? 
32.which is the highest waterfall in the world? 
-Angel (Salto Angel). 
33.Which is the largest island in the world? 
34. During the ancient period, the concept of optimum population was given by:
35.which is the world's largest mountain range? 
36. Which is the largest country in the world in terms of area? 
37.which soil is suitable for the cultivation of cotton, wheat, oilseeds and tobacco? 
-Black soil. 
38. In which part of the earth's atmosphere is ozone layer present? 
39.which is the outermost layer of the Earth's atmosphere? 
40.Which hot and dry winds help in the ripening of grapes in the Alps region? 
41.where is the pustaz temperate grassland? 
42.which planet looks raddish in the night sky? 
43.Which rock is transformed into marble? 
44.The Karakoram highway connects which pair of countries? 
45.In which river the grand Canyon is located? 
46.which planet is called the twin of the earth? 
- Venus. 
47.which is the deepest lake in the world? 
-Lake Baikal. 
48.Tropical cyclone strom occurring in Philippines, japan and China seas are known as? 
49.Which is the world's largest salt water lake? 
- Caspian sea. 
50. Which is the largest ocean of the world? 
-Pacific Ocean. 

Indian Geography:

1.which parallel of latitude divides India into almost two equal parts? 
-Tropic of cancer. 
2. In which of the following water bodies are Lakshadweep islands situated? 
-Arabian sea. 
3.Yamuna, chambal, Betwa, sone, Ghagra, Gandak and Gomti are the tributaries of which river? 
4.which sanctuary in Assam is famous for one horned Rhino? 
5.Among the states of India, which one has the oldest rock formation in the country? 
6.which state has the largest area under wasteland? 
7.which is the highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar islands? 
-Saddle peak. 
8.which river does not form any Delta at its mouth? 
9.Where is Uranium corporation of India Limited situated? 
10.which is the largest lagoon in India? 
-Chilka Lake. 
11. In which Indian state, the pong Dam is situated? 
-Himachal pradesh. 
12. Which is the largest river system of the peninsula India? 
13.How many coastal state are there in India? 
14.with which country India has the longest border? 
-Bangladesh (4096km) . 
15.In which state of India does the Trishul peak lie? 
16.which is the longest sea beach in India? 
17.Ramsar convention was held in which country? 
18.which soil occupies the largest area in India? 
-Alluvial soil. 
19.wild Ass sanctuary is situated in which state? 
- Gujarat. 
20.where and in which state is sidrapong Hydel power station located? 
- west Bengal. 
21. On which river the paithan (jayakwadi) Hydro electric project is completed with the help of Japan? 
22. What is the name of pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri hills in South India? 
- Palghat Gap. 
23. On which river the salal project is situated? 
- Chenab. 
24. What is the percentage of earth surface covered by India? 
- 2.4 
25. Which place is reported to be the wettest place on earth? 
- Mawsynram, Meghalaya, India. 
26. Mathura, Digboi and panipat refineries are set up by which company? 
- OIL. 
27. The Radcliffe line is a Boundary between which countries? 
- India-Pakistan . 
28. Name the state having the largest area of forest cover in India? 
- Madhya pradesh. 
29.which year is called a great Divide in the demographic history of India? 
- 1921.
30.where is the only private sector refinery set up by Reliance petroleum Ltd. Located? 
- Jamnagar. 
31.what is the name of the only state in India that produces saffron? 
- jammu and Kashmir. 
32. What are the names of the three important rivers of the Indian subcontinent which have their sources near the maansarovar lake in the Greater Himalayas? 
- Brahmaputra, Indus and sutlej. 
33. From where the oldest rocks in India are reported? 
- Dharwad region, Karnataka. 
34. Which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously? 
- Kalpakkam. 
35. Which is the oldest oilfield in India? 
- Digboi, Assam. 
36. Which is the oldest range of mountains in India? 
- Aravalis. 
37.The watershed between India and Myanmar is formed by which hills? 
- The Naga Hills. 
38. What is the percentage of India's total population employed in agriculture? 
- 70%.
39. Which area or region is the most earthquake prone area? 
- Ganga -Brahmaputra valley. 
40. Which two states of India, are most richly endowed with iron ore? 
- Bihar and Odisha. 
41.which is the most fertile region of India? 
- The Indo-Gangetic plain. 
42. Tata iron and steel company at jamshedpur was established in which year? 
- 1907.
43. Which is the southernmost point of India? 
- Indira point. 
44.which is the first port that was developed after independence in Gujarat state? 
- Kandla. 
45. What is the name of the smallest state of India? 
- Goa. 
46. Which strait lies between the Tamil Nadu state and the Mannar district of the Northern province of the island nation of Sri Lanka? 
- Palk strait. 
47.On which river, Tehri dam is constructed? 
- Bhagirathi. 
48. Corbett National park is situated in which state? 
- Uttarakhand. 
49. With which river is the Omkareshwar project associated? 
- Narmada. 
50. Which is a global biodiversity hotspot in India? 
- western Ghats. 


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