Do not make these 4 mistakes in your first year of blogging

 Do not make these 4 mistakes in your first year of blogging 

Well, When we say Blogging, its all about writing an articles and publishing in our sites right?
anyways, there are many issues that all the bloggers faces in our initial stage, 

Today in this articles im going to share you an important points that  after reading this you will become a better blogger without any errors in your blogging journey, so lets get started.....

Many bloggers specially new bloggers make mistakes some of the main 4 points that every new bloggers did are
do not make these 4 mistake in your first year of blogging

1. Choose a topic you're interest in. 

Alright, so im gonna take the first steps and that is choosing a topic for your blog which you are not actually interested in, its ok if you are not passionate about the topic, you have to at least have a passing interest in it enough to hold your attention as you are working for on something for many month.

This is something that i most commonly see when somebody found this affiliate program like whatever they found like hard warm medication, 
Affiliate program is a 100$ commission and people gets like zero in their eyes, like they go all excited like getting financial aspect of that niche. 
but than it just such a show that try to write the content over month and publish the content and get your name out their, because you just don't care about hard work medication for dogs right? 

Instead, you pick a topic that broad enough that you'll be able to write diverse, different aspect of it and that at least hold your attention, than you will to much better.
we made this mistakes on website we recently did it in our creative studio. it was in a pit industry about the specific types of animals and the writer just don't care about it and so everyday after day writing about the same thing it was just really tough for them to pay attention, 

I made the same mistake on one of the blog, few years ago, this site got earn some 300$ a month and that was it,! never got higher than that, why because i only wrote 8 articles on that website. it could have done better if i hold my attention but it just really tough to write and go on! so i don't continue with it. 
So, its fine  if you chose something you are not passionate or expert about it but pick something that you are at least interested in writing about. that was mistakes number one.

Now lets check the mistake number number two

2.Focus on Quantity and Quality.  

So, our Second mistake was oppressing too much over quantity and not focusing enough on quality.
Ya, that's when we were first starting we were running the numbers of like how much is it gonna cost outsourcing each post and how many post we want to have on a website and kinda thinking how much money can this site make of it and it let us to over emphasis the quantity of articles which is the same thing, even if you are making a website yourself you can just be really easy to think about it, ok, I got the 50$ or 100$ cost whatever and then you look back  over and they all just gonna mitro. 

Like there are many reasons, lack of knowledge about what you are about to write are some of the main things. So, when you are working on this, I want you to think in terms of. 
For example, see some of the top ranking post or sites, you can check it out in the internet. 
The post which they write are not so lengthy, its short but effective, they have done well research and write it. 
They have give their whole effort in this one single post and it bomb it. 
We talk about peller post in terms of word count, but when you think about the word peller, its the post that hold up your website, and the example above is the perfect example, 
So that type of post can really hold up your website and launch it to the next level. 

So our mistake number two was just focusing too much on quantity and just quality. 
But, the best thing is you can have both quality and quantity. You gonna have all for better results, always try to create or post as many articles as you can, 
If you post 10 to 15 articles and expecting the good results than you are doing a great mistake. 
do not make these 4 mistake in your first year of blogging

3.Heaving a really good backup. 

Alright, so mistake number three is not heaving a rock solid backup of your website as you are going, when you are making your first website you're gonna make mistakes in blogger or WordPress, you gonna make mistakes with your hosting and all kinds of things, 

Overtime you gonna get processes in place that this just won't become an issue at all but I lost my very first version of my website, I worked on it a couple months and than I lost the whole website, looking back I don't even know what I did but I had messed something up and I lost all my content and that's when I learned, you have to have a rock-solid backup procedure. 

You know, if you use bluehost, WPX any of our recommended at host they're going to do their backup but you need to have your own, 
I feel pretty strongly about that so you can managed it by heaving the best tools available in the market place. 

There are many pretty cool features on it. So if anything ever goes wrong you always have your backup right there, if your host ever gets attack and something happen to the website you just upload your sites to a different host and point your domain over and you're ready to go so have a rock-solid backup especially if you're learning WordPress. 

4.Don't give up too soon. 

So, the fourth mistake is giving up too soon, people usually do this, 
After blogging for two months they started to question about their website and also depressed, angry saying, their blog or website is not ranking in google, no traffic and so on. 
They think its high time to rank in google, time to monetize and earn from it but well, it usually find it takes about 35 weeks for an article to get about 90% of where its going to get on google. 

But you know this is? You know we've build a many sites a bunch of different website and still I feel the same too! 
Looking at my website and feel its time for ranking and earning. 
Well, this is normal, this is what happen and this is what keeps so many people from creating more competition and passive income online. 

It takes a longtime to rank on google and so you think, man, I am the worst blogger in the world, I am never get anything and actually you may be doing fine. 

It just takes a long time for it to hit google right!!
Its actually not a bad thing!! 
Feel like if google change things so that you could write an articles today and it we're gonna be ranking tomorrow than our business would be gone. 
It would just be a flood of competition if I could write an article today and if it was good enough it would shoot to number one tomorrow, there would be so much competition that I don't think there would be much market for this. 

I think its actually wonderful for us as blogger if you're welling push through that severe did its actually a great things that kind of protects our industry. 

So, don't give up, just wait and continue blogging and surly you will succeed it. 

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