5 steps to earn $1500 in a month in passive income online

 5 steps to earn $1500 in a month in passive income online

Whenever I meet people and tell them that I create blog and YouTube channel full time, they often want to create their own passive income online. 

But they feel like even if they do the work it would take a great stock of luck for them to be successful 

That couldn't be further from the truth. 

In fact ove the last few years I've develop a repeatable step by step process that's allow me to build five different website from zero to over a thousand dollars per month all it really takes to create passive income online is first setting up your process and than starting today. 

5 steps to earn $1500 in a month in passive income online

5 steps to earn $1500 in a month

Step-1 create your site and write 30 posts

Step-2 use YouTube or other social media to market your posts

Step-3 implement affiliate program

Step-4 put ads on your website

Step- 5 sell information products


The first thing we have to do in creating this process is to create your blog in a weekend and than write about 30 posts on that website. 

Usually what people focus on is the monetization and how I'm gonna make money and all the SEO things, 

But the most important thing you can do is to just create a helpful website. 

What we recommend is writing 30 articles as you create your website, 

10 of them will be what we call response posts, there are about 1500 words long and they answer a very needs direct question, that people Will type something like "how to change the aperture on a Nikon D3200".

Than, another third will be your staple posts, 

These staple posts are kind of Shareable content. 

1.10 response posts (answer specific questions) 

2.10 staple posts (shareable content) 

3.10 piller posts (long form content) 

The things we always see, you know 11 tips for better basketball free throws etc and than, 

Your last 10 posts are your pillar posts these will probably take you two or three days to create each posts they're big neaty 3500 words posts that tackle a bigger keyword something like you know, 

For example, write like, basketball fitness or how to improve our jump shot 

Just a big giant topic so by creating those, a third and a third, at different types of posts it allows you to first, 

Your first 10 posts are targeting keyword, that are easy to rank for, 

Because there's no competition whatsoever, than your staple posts start to get some links out there

Because they're more shareable and they can target a little bit bigger of the keyword, 

And than, your pillar posts are after google is already trusting you a little bit with some tiny keyword, 

Its really not difficult the only thing that keeps the web from being more competitive than it is the fact that most people start and lose faith they don't see that if they put in the work they can get the reward and that's what makes me happy and what's enabled us to create successful sites after sites after sites is. 

Everybody thinks that blogging is too competition and its just not the case as long as you go at it with the right approach and if you do that its a lot more than just a lucky trick shot its a process that works every single time. 


Once you have a website up with lots of good content on it at least those 30 articles its a good idea to start marketing your website through YouTube or any other social media

We recommend that you create a new YouTube channel and go make about ten videos, those ten videos can be based on the post that you have already written in your website is up with lots of great content but its kind of an island, its gonna take a long-time for google to rank your articles such that you start to get enough traffic to really make your sites interesting and to be able to monetize it and that's why we need to do something a little different to get traffic there rather than just letting it grow organically, 

This is where most people get spammy with links building and if you do that, you can get yourself into a lots of trouble. 

So, rather than building links and trying to fool google into thinking our trip our site is more authoritative

Than it is what we do is we use YouTube we found really good success with this early on our website. 

Make a video related to your blog post and link the blog URL in the video. 

Now that we have a website up with lots of good content and a YouTube channel that's pointing traffic over to our website we can start thinking about how we gonna actually start making money of that traffic, 

5 steps to earn $1500 in a month in passive income online


Now that we have started to get traffic in our website

The first way that we are going to do is by putting affiliate links on our website, we gonna link to products that other people sell, these can be 






As well as many many other affiliate program that we found in the internet. 


As our website started getting more and more traffic, we can become a partner to any advertising networks and advertise their products in our website and earn from it. 

We recommend google AdSense because it is one of the best advertising program in internet. 

To get partner with AdSense your blog must be at least 6 months old, and apply for AdSense, following the apply policy, 

Once they approved your website their ads Will show in your website and you will start earning right their. 

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Steps -5

We can earn money through our own information products, 

Information products are the things that you can sell yourself like your own E- books maybe a video course and audio guide. 

Something along those lines. 

Be careful when you are selling your information products, 

People may not buy your products if they don't trust you. So it's up to you to build a trustworthy relationship with your audience. 

And one important things is always try to sell your products with low prices, or else it may end up hanging in your site forever. 

Well, people earn thousands by selling their information products so why can't you? 

You can do it as well, if you are doing carefully. 

All the best 

Do not make these 4 steps in your first year of blogging

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