Make money with music/5 reliable ways for musicians to monetize 2020

Make money with music/ 5 best and reliable ways for the Musicians to Monetize and earn

If you love singing or playing music/making music, here are one of the best and most fulfilling ways to earn from your music, whether its your full time job or part time. making music and selling is a best creative way to make money or doing something you love and earning from it is the best in our life.

but what if you dont generate income ?
 selling your music doesn't come with any sources of guarantees. for lots of musicians, the siren songs of a profitable music career just isn't worth the risk.

so how you are going to reduce the risk? or even eliminate altogether?

Making money from music is not an easy as you think but its also not impossible as you think, by setting up diversified, automated revenue streams, musicians in 2020 are able to reduce the risk and take a chance on their dream career.

are you wondering what that entails? you have come to the right place.
Make money with music/5 reliable ways for musicians to monetize 2020

How to make money with music

1.Earn streaming royalties through digital distribution.

2.Make money playing gigs

3.sell band merchandise online

4. collaborate with brands and other musicians

5.sell beats and samples

In the early stages of your music career, it is crucial to have multiple revenue streams. without the backing of a major record label, any single stream is unlikely to generate enough money or income for you to earn for a living.

but operating together, a number of mostly automated revenue streams can help you mitigate risk and focus on making, rather than selling it.

here is the most common revenue streams artists use to monetize their music:

1. Earn streaming royalties through digital distribution.

its very much important to understand the difference between the streaming service and distribution network.

-Streaming service is a platform people use to listen to music. the most popular are Spotify and Apple music.

-Distribution network distributes and collects royalties from those streaming services.

Its best and important if you stream your work on Spotify and Apple music, the best and largest most globally available services. other popular  streaming services includes Google play, Amazon music, and Youtube music- also, genre- specific streaming services like Beatport and JunoDownload, both of which cater to electronic music producers and fans.

How to find and select the right and best distribution network.

Most distribution network are able to send your music to all major streaming platforms so this is not a major concern.However, there are some differences in what service distribution network offer, like their pricing, their royalty payments that are important to consider when you're looking for your distribution service.

some of more common distribution network.

1. Landr


3.CD Baby


2. Make money playing gigs.

playing live is one of the most profitable ways for musicians to make money. while the internet has made it possible to live stream music performances, there's nothing that quite matches seeing one of your favorite artists perform in person.

How to find the best paid gigs for musicians.

playing live is not only a good way to generate income, but also one of the best way to build and audience. gig fans always win out over social media fans in terms of how valuable they are to your music career, since they have proven themselves willing to pay money to watch live music.

you will have to find a good local venues to play if you want to build an audience of real live music fans. one way of doing through gig booking apps and website like (ReverNation Gig Finder.)

Creating an electronic press kit.

when you start reaching out to venues, there's a chance they may ask for an electronic press kit ,sometimes called ''EPK'' promotional package, or simply ''press kit''.

What to include in your electronic press kit:

1.Links to your songs on Spotify and Apple Music

2.Professional, high resolution photography

3.Link to your social media profiles

4. A brief bio of your band similar to an about us page

5. music videos, if you have them, or any other media quotes or reviews information

3. Sell band merchandise online

selling band merchandise is one of the best ways to make extra money while working as a musician. with a fully automated merch store, you can generate income without taking any time away from writing and performing music.

How to sell band merch online

with Shopify and print on demand you can set up a fully automated merchandise store in minuits. start by deciding what products you want to sell. T-shirt are a must for bands. but print on demand companies offer a wide range of products, from water bottles to canvas bags to home decor products link pillows:

1.create your designs; if you know how to design a logo, its easy to create a verity of unique designs for your band that can be printed on merchandise.

2.set up your design: start your shopify and set up your store. if you have never set up a shopify store, we have got a ton of resources to help you get started.

3. Automate with a print on demand app: with print on demand apps, you can outsource the manufacturing, shipping, and logistics to a third party company. print on demand companies are paid a percentage of your sales, so you don't need to pay for products until they are sold.

this means that once you've set up your store and products, you don't have to do anything else. the print on demand company handles printing and shipping and is paid via a cut of your sales.

some of the most popular print on demand apps that integrate with shopify
it includes Teelaunch, Gooten, printify and printful

4. Collaborate with brands and other musicians.

A lot of musicians make extra money through side hustles. there are a number of ways to make money through collaboration, depending on what kind of music you make and your specific music skills.

Freelance site like Upwork, Freelancer, and Twine have postings for vocalists, producers, and skilled instrumentalists. there are also a number of apps and platforms available for finding other musicians to collaborate with . some of the examples includes
-Melboss and

5. Sell beats and samples

for example, if you hold a producer, one common way to make money is by selling samples and beats as digital products. for some producers, this can even become their primary form of income, selling samples and beats allows you to spent work hours making music, which is the primary penefits.

Want to know about selling your beats online.

- Mixing and mastering;
performers purchasing your beats will expect a level of technical quality. if you have never produced beats before, its not somthing you can pick up in an afternoon.

when performars purchased beats from you, they are actually purchasing a liceansing to use that beat in their music. there are many types licenses, so make sure you understand whats rights you are giving up when selling your beats.

there are a ton of places to find beats to licence, but performars tent to be very picky about what they are looking for. these means that successfully selling beats online will be very dependent on your ability to find a nache and build a reputation on social media.

some of the related which you can purchase through online for music lover:


Read Music Notes Easily - For Children.

Music Promotion Machine 

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