Principles of using Mass-Media

 Principles of using Mass-Media 

In this advance and technological world the mass media education has become one of the primary role, due to information explosion and population explosion more things are to be learnt and more people are to be taught. there is a cry for ''more education to more people in less time''. here educational technology, consisting of various media of mass communication are essentially required. as both qualitative improvement and quantitative expansion of education is facilitated and accelerated with the help of mass media under educational technology. there are good number of media for the mass communication such as radio, Television, newspapers, social networking site like Facebook and whats app, films etc. previously, the mass media were only put to marginal and individualized uses. there was neither any coherent thinking nor a scientific organization of these materials in the educational process. today due to interest and initiative of certain teachers, their use has increased. 

    we will be discussing more on mass media education in next page. 

The principles of using Mass Media in classifying concept, stimulating group and individual activities, developing a collective critical awareness, changing attitudes, imposing a new structure or organisation on certain subjects and encouraging originally and creativeness. Mass media have proved of help in education. As we know, good teachers are not born, they are made. training in the method, techniques, use of various mass media help a teacher to be good and efficient. teacher should be properly motivated and made interested in the use of mass media. they should be trained and oriented in the adequate use and maintenance of the materials.
Principles of using Mass-Media
mass-media education

  1. ORGANISATION: Mass Media should be organised as an integral part of the educational programmes. they should not be separated from other curricular activities.
  2. SELECTION: Mass media should be properly selected and coordinated by the teacher. An experienced and trained teacher may select the mass media according to the needs of the students.
  3. PLANNING: Mass Media should be adjusted according to the needs of the instructional programme. the teacher should possess skill in its use. they should have special training. all this should be properly planned.
  4. EXPERIENCE: Mass Media should be related to pupil's experience.
  5. PREPARATION: while there should be adequate preparation on the part of the pupils, the teacher should prepare himself before using it. He should know what the mass media teach and where they fit into his plan of teaching . Adequate preparation should be followed by proper presentation and an adequate follow-up.
  6. EVALUATION: In regard to their use,effect on learning and their functionsMass media should be evaluated at regular intervals.     
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