Organising The Best Teaching

Organising Teaching

According to Ivor K. Davios, ''Organising teaching learning is the work a teacher does to arrange and relate learning resources, so as to realise learning objectives in the most effective, efficient and economical way possible.''

After planning the teaching, the next important phase is organising teaching. in managing teaching-learning, the teacher creates such learning conditions, considering the learning objectives and the learning structures as the basis, so that the learning objectives can be easily achieved alongwith the expected changes in the behaviour of the pupils. for creating learning conditions, the teacher should take care of appropriate tactics, audio-visual aids, size of the class and the communication methods. I.K Davies has suggested the following four activities which a teacher must perform while organising teaching :

1. selecting an appropriate tactic.

2.selecting appropriate audio-visual aids.

.selecting appropriate class size.

4.selecting appropriate communication strategies.

Organising The Best Teaching
organising teaching

selecting appropriate teaching tactics.

Meaning of teaching Tactics

When teaching is organised, the teacher should, at first, select appropriate teaching tactics. teaching strategies are comprehensive methods of teaching. teaching tactics are more comprehensive, than the teaching strategies. a teaching tactics can be used in many teaching strategies. by using one or more teaching tactics in one strategies, the contents can be made easy, precise and understandable. the teaching tactics make the knowledge stable. hence, for the qualitative progress of teaching, teacher use various tactics according to the conditions or learning structures. in content analysis, while the subject matter is analysed it is divided into sub-part. each sup-part is divided into various essential elements and these are arranged in a sequence. each element of the subject matter has its own structure. the teacher selects teaching strategies, tactics and aids on the basis of the structure of each element of the subject matter. it acts as the norm or a criterion in the selection of teaching strategy tactic and aid.
one can present the structure of each element of the subject-matter only by applying or using the teaching strategy. while selecting the teaching tactic the teacher should keep in mind the learning structure. in the knowledge of learning structure is essential in order to select appropriate teaching tactic. tyoes of learning structures and the tactics :

1.single learning structure and teaching tactics.

single learning structure is termed as stimulus response because that is its basis. the main feature of this structure is that the pupils continuously carry on the practice while organising the stimulus and the response and this consolidates the relationship of stimulus and response.
in learning structure, it is the teacher's duty to compel the pupils first of all respond to the stimulus. they are motivated to give correct answers overlooking their wrong answers. they should be gradually put to the exercise relating to the response through reinforcement.
the following teaching tactics should be used in the single learning structure :

1.Establishing contiguity
2.Constant practice and rehearsal
3.Reinforcing the correct response.

2. Chain learning structure and teaching tactics.

The chain learning structure is the sequence of facts and symbols learnt earlier. the chain is sometimes formed the verbal activities such as, poetic-recitation and sometimes motor activities such as cycling. this chain is of three types:
1. progressive chain
2.Rote learning and
3.Retrogressive chain
in the progressive chain, starting from signals, we reach upto the end of the chain. in the rote learning, the chain is acquired by cramming. in the retrogressive chain, we start from the last activity and then reach to the beginning of the chain. out of these three tactics, retrogressive chain is more effective because it functions as reinforcement and make possible to acquire efficiency in the task. hence, in the chain learning the teacher should use the following three teaching tactics: chaining
2.rote learning
3.retrogressive chaining.
Organising The Best Teaching
organising best teaching

3.Multi discrimination learning structure and teaching tactics.

In multi discrimination learning structure, both the signals and the chains are included. in this type of learning, facts are separated from each other and the comparisions are made clear.
the pupils should proceed from simple to complex, so learning structure, the teacher should use the following two tactics:

1.Distinctive conditions.
2.simultaneous presentation.

4. Concept learning structure and teaching tactics.

in the concept learning structure, capacities of generalisation of those groups of actions are created in the pupils which look different externally. such groups are different from each other but they have similar peculiarity which makes it easy to identify their basic concept. the pupils can understand it very easily. attention should be paid that the pupils may identify or understand the concept by trail and error method. but they must know the signal and chain structures. only then they would be able to generalise. in the concept learning structure, the teacher should present various stimuli but relevant to the stimuli so that all the pupils may generalise something regarding the concept. hence, the teacher should use the following two tactics in the concept learning structure :

5. principle learning structure and teaching tactics.

In the principle learning structure, a chain of two or more concepts is included. in this chain, there are concept of principles and their relationship. to know each principle, concepts relating to it should be clear to the pupils. in order to provide knowledge of principle learning structure the teacher should let the pupils recall the concepts and make a chain of these concepts. hence, the teacher should use the following two tactics in the principle learning structure :

1.Recalling the concept.
2.Chaining the concepts.


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