Education Technology in india

Education Technology in india

Education technology  in india is a new area like educational philosophy, educational sociology, educational psychology, measurement and evaluation in education. educational technology provides the basis for the planning and organization of the resources for learning and helps in achieving the teaching objectives, keeping in view the utility of this subject, NCERT has started a new department which also includes the department of audio-visual aids.

Origin of Educational Technology 

The birth of educational technology is not old. even in nineteenth century, the educational technology existed in the form of educational toys and other learning tactics. but its frequent use came to light in 1926. in Ohio state university, it was used in the form of a teaching machine by sidney pressey. around 1930-40, Lumdain and Glaser tried to make education mechanical by presenting some special types of scrambled books, cards and boards. the most important work was carried out during 1950 when B.F Skinner developed programmed learning which carrying on experiments with animals, in 1950, Brynmor in England, used educational technology for the first time. in 1960, as a result of industrial revolution in America and Russia, other countries also started processing in the field of educational technology. thus the beginning of educational technology took place in 1950 in USA and Russia and now it has reached England, Europe and India. Due to various technological invention like , Radio, tape-recorder, television, computer. closed circuit TV. CCTV electronic video tapes and other audio-visual aids, many other numerous technologies are being used in the areas of industry, commerce, health, security and education.
Education Technology
educational technology

need of educational technology

1. Increasing the effectiveness of teaching-learning process:

it brings desired improvement in teaching-learning process by making it effective. it develops to the maximum the cognitive, affactive and psychomotor aspects of the pupils.

2.Maximising the Output:

it has maximised the learning facilities. it is because it uses the principles indoctrinated by psychology, sociology, mathematics, engineering and other social and scientific subject. their input maximises their output in the form of their competency by this technology.

3.Optimum use of Resources:

the developing countries posses vary limited resources. they lack experts, machinary or tools, school building, stationary and time. educational technology emphasises the maximum use of available resources in the learning situation, which may bebefit all the pupils of the nation from those limited resources which are available for the teaching work pretaining to this. the teaching technology has developed the techniques like radio,and television with which apprecible assistance has been sought for the expansion of mass education.

Meaning of Educational Technology 

In the book (the new industrial state), J.K Galbraith has mentioned two main charactristic of every technology - 
1. systemic application of scientific knowledge to the practical task and
2.the division of the practical task into sections and sub-sections. any subject which meets these two norms of the charactristics in the field of education is called education technology. educational technology dose not determine the educational objectives. it is done by the political thinkers and philosophers, keeping in view the wider aspects of society and values. educational technology define teaching objectives in behavioural terms. on its bases various methods and techniques are developed and constructed in order to achieve predetermined teaching objectives. when the teaching objectives are determined, than educational technology seek to achieve them. it creates conditions by interpreting the input during the teaching process. it selects and applies the approprate strategies so that the teaching objectives may be achieved, thus, educational technology includes three processes-

1. Functional analysis of teaching learning process in which the teacher observes all those components which are applied as input and these come to light through output.

2.Separate or combined search and analysis of these components which are used in the teaching learning process during input and output.

3. Presenting the acquired learning experience in the form of research outcomes.

thus, educational technology is the behavioural technology which presents the art of teaching in a new fashion. it controls educational influences with the help of those factors which are used for achieving teaching objectives. 
Following steps are to be followed in order to achieve these objectives ;

1.Teaching objectives 
3.teaching material
4.educational environment
5. behaviour of the pupils
6. behaviour of the teachers
7.interaction between teacher and pupils.

thus, educational technology is that dynamic, progressive, and important mechanism in the field of education which modifies and analysis the various steps of teaching learning with the help of indoctrinated principles and law of modern psychology, sociology, engineering, administrative theory, mathematics and other social and physical science. it develops educational efficiency by formulating and remodeling according to the needs. it plays an important role not only in the classrooms but also in the entire school environment, educational administration and educational references.

Definition of educational technology

the following are the definition suggested by the different scholars will make the meaning of educational technology more clear:

1. G.O Lieith ; ''Educational technology is the application of scientific knowledge and learning and the conditions of learning to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning''.

2.S.S Kulkarni : ''Educational technology may be defined as the application of the laws as well as recent discoveries of science and technology to the process of education''.

3. John P. Dececeo : ''Educational technology is the form of detailrd application of psychology of learning to practical teaching proplems.''

4. Ropert A. Cox.  ''Educational technology is the application of scientific process to man's learning conditions.''

5. Richmond. ''Educational technology is concerned to provide appropriately designed learning situations which holding in view of objectives of the teaching or training, being to bear the best means of instruction.''

6. E.E Hadden: ''educational technology is that branch of educational theory and practice concerned primarly with the design and use of massages which control the learning process.''


. Amidon, Edumund, J. and Hunter, Elizabeth, Improving teaching : the analysis of classroom verbal interaction, Holt Rinehart and Winston, Inc, New York. 


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